Born in a squat in Brixton, growing up in New Zealand and presently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Plum Green combines elements of folk, grunge, goth, and post-rock with her dark lyrical prose. With a focus on crafting intimate live shows her performances are striking and uplifting.

Plum Green and her band have recently finished recording a full-length album at the all-analogue Sound Recordings studio in Castlemaine, and is presently booking for a 2018 European tour and album release.
Plum Green has released three E.Ps – Plum Green, The Red, Karma) and the album Rushes.

Recently she releases her latest single ‘Baby Bird’, from the upcoming album ‘Sound Recordings’.
Sound Recordings was recorded and mixed during the winter of 2017 at the all-analogue Sound Recordings studio in Castlemaine, and mastered by Dav Byrne of Iridium Audio.
From April 4 Baby Bird will be available as a digital single, as well as a 7” record, which includes the b-side ‘Little Black Pain’. Sound Recordings will be released in May on a variety of formats.

Plum Green begins a new European Tour in August 2020.

Plum Green’s previous full releases include Karma E.P. (2016), Rushes (2012), The Red E.P. 
(2011), and Plum Green E.P. (2008), Lions In Darkness E.P.

«A true artist with a fantastic voice making music with a purpose beyond simple entertainment.Stunning» New Zealand Musician Magazine

«walking a line between dark rock-edged material (channeling the spirit of Jim Morrison’s poetics and Patti Smith) and mysterious folk-like ballads, Green rarely falls into the trap of the familiar…» Graham Reid,

«Sexuality with the scent of darkness and a twisted knife…Her songs are full of snakes and darkness and rain and emptiness and terror and paranoia.»
Gary Steel,


«Such a beautifully balanced crafting of straightforward songwriting & ambient tones & intricacies. We may have just lost Bowie but how uncanny to have this -by an artist also born in Brixton- released the same week, complete with Funeral Song & all!»
Shay Klink – Bandcamp Review

«Her music is dark and lucious…Dark, sensuous and deeply literate»
Caleb Cluff – The Ballarat Courier

«Plum’s dark subject matter – with seemingly every second song a dedication to a lost friend, or a wish for some divine karma on the demons of the world – are all sung in a beguilingly strong voice that hints at her parents musical background… Plum channels her quiet, seething rage of helplessness and despair, like a black velvet glove around the throat.» –
John Lake – Kick out the Jams/The Wireless 

Pronto, más fechas a la vista… / More dates comig soon…