Wombat Booking es un proyecto cultural independiente localizado en Euskal Herria, Estado Español, que sigue adelante gracias a colectivos, organizadores, salas, espacios, amigas, amigos, y grandes amantes de la música como TÚ que nos han ayudado y apoyado a lo largo de todo este tiempo. Apoyamos bandas, impulsamos conciertos y giras a nivel local, peninsular, e internacional. Colaboramos con enormes músicos y mejores personas.


Wombat Booking is an independent culture project located in Basque Country, Spanish State, which keeps growing and moving forward thanks to collectives, promoters, venues, spaces, friends and huge music lovers like YOU who helped us out throughout all these years. We support, manage and drive Basque, Iberian, European and Worldwide finest bands and better persons, shows, events and tours.

Algunas personas y bandas con las que hemos compartido grandes momentos // Some musicians and friends we shared good times with:

3 Inches Of Blood (can)French Toast (usa)Milemarker
40 Watt Sun (uk)FromTheAshes (swe)Norman
5000rpmFuck The Facts (usa)Norton (por)
59mmGama Bomb (ire)Oathbreaker (bel)
65daysofstatic (uk)Gasmask Terrör (fra)Obscura (ger)
AathmaGeneral Surgery (swe)Odd Heathenish
A Bridge To Many (fra)GlowOkkultokrati (nor)
A Storm Of Light (usa)God Is An Astronaut (ire)Omendark
Acid MessGodlesss Truth (cze)Ô Paon (can)
AdrenalizedGorerotted (eng)Orthodox
AdriftGraves At Sea (usa)P.L.F. (usa)
AddictionGrayceon (usa)Padre Lobo
Against All Authority (usa) FogboundPaganizer (swe)
Against Your Society (ger)Grey Daturas (aus)Pallbearer (usa)
Aguirre (fra) Free The WheelParricide (pol)
Ainara LeGardonPlum GreenPedro de la Hoya (fra)
Amenra (bel)GuerreraPersona
Amidagaran (jap)Guns N’ ClonersPg. Lost (swe)
AlmaxHaemorrhagePharmakon (usa)
Altar Of Plagues (ire)Harsh Toke (usa)Picore
Aluk Todolo (fra)Hate (pol)Pontiak (usa)
Ampools (fra)HautsPositiva
Annihilation Time (usa)Haust (nor)Possesion
Annunaki RevengeHellbats (fra) Hellström (ger)Pungent Stench (aut)
AnosognosiaHell DivisionQualude
Antigua&BarbudaHelms Alee (usa)Rabbits (usa)
Antisect (uk)Hessian (bel)Radithor
Apollo Kreed (fra)Hierophant (ita)Radio Moscow (usa)
Arabrot (nor)High Five Drive (can)Raein (ita)
Artillery (dk)HighlightsRaised Fist (swe)
AsfixiaHilotzRamming Speed (usa)
Ash Borer (usa)Holy Wave (usa)R.A.S.
Asschapel (usa)Hombre Malo (nor)Razor Crusade (nl)
Asva (usa)HongoRead My Lips
Ataque Periferico (bra)Horisont (swe)Som
AtarianHotel Wrecking City Traders (aus)Red Sparowes (usa)
Atlas Losing Grip (swe)House Of Broken Promises (ex-Unida, usa)Represion
Atomic Garden (fra)Humanfly (eng)Return
Aussitot Mort (fra)Icos (swe)Ristisaatto (fin)
Autumn Delay (bel)IctusRoman Castevet
Auxes (usa)Thought FormsRompeprop (nl)
AxutI Killed MyselfRussian Circles (usa)
BºTong (swi)Immanu El (swe)Salems Pot (swe)
BarentsImpioSaturnus (den)
Baroness (usa)Incantation (usa)Scum To The Leader
BerunaIn Defence (usa)Secret Chiefs 3 (usa)
Besta (por)Infected Malignity (jap)Severed Head Of State (usa)
BetunizerInfest (eh/fra)Shit (fra)
BifiduxInsidious Decrepancy (usa)Sights and Sounds (can)
Big Business (usa)Insuiciety (pol/ger)Simbiose (por)
Birushanah (jap)InterludeSimca
Black Bombaim (por)Ipanema (eng)Sir Richard Bishop (usa)
Black Breath (usa)Ira (ger)Short Fuse (ger)
Black PandaIra Et DecessusSkullhog (nl)
Black Tusk (usa)IrredemptionSofy Major (fra)
Black Widow (aus)Iron BatasunaSonic Trash
Blood Of The Sun (usa)Isaïe Buried Memorial (fra)Sonnöv
Bloody Phoenix (usa)Isis (the band, usa)Sorgerth
Bones Brigade (usa)Jack and The Bearded Fishermen (fra)Sorkun
Bossk (eng)Jarboe (usa)Spandau Bullet
Breather Resist (usa)JaundoneSquash Bowels (pol)
BugattiJesus Cröst (nl)StebMo (Steven Moore) (usa)
BulletnoiseJohn MerrickStockholm Syndrome (nl)
Buried Inside (can)Jucifer (usa)Storms To Come
C-utterJunius (usa)Streetwalker (usa)
C’mon Baby Destroy!Justice DepartmentSuma (swe)
Caldera (fra)KamorrahSuffocation (usa)
CapsulaKarnvapen AttackSunrea
Carpathian Forest (nor)KarysunSurhim (bel)
Caspian (usa)KathaarsysSwans (usa)
Catheter (usa)Kayo Dot (usa)Tabata Mitsuru (jap)
Cattle Decapitation (usa)Keelhaul (usa)Taura (arg)
Cephalic Carnage (usa)Keep Of Kalessin (nor)Tamagawa (fra)
Challenger (usa)Khuda (eng)Tantara (nor)
Chelsea Wolfe (usa)Kill The Client (usa)Teething
Choose Your Path (hun)KK Null (Jap)Tephra (ger)
CinderKylesa (usa)Teserac
Circle (fin)La Quiete (ita)Thathiana Khankhana
CodiaLa Secta Del PerroThe Atomic Bitchwax (usa)
Coffins (jap)Last Fair DealThe Enterprise (eh-fra)
ColeopteroLast Shot Of War (bel)The Faceless (usa)
Comet Control (can)Laudion MaidenThe Guts (fra)
Conflict (eng)LavodramaThe Happiness Project
Confessor (usa)Layo RaserThe Indecision Alarm (swe)
Confronto (bra)Lecherous Gaze (usa)The Midnight Ghost Train (usa)
Constants (usa)Legen BeltzaThe Plague Mass (aut)
Continuo RenacerLehnen (usa/aut)The Smackdown (swe)
Control De PlagasLinesThe Sons Of Saturn (fra)
Converge (usa)LisaböThe Stators
Co PeyoteLoanThis Aint Vegas (eng)
CorduraLoma Prieta (usa)The Way Of Purity (xxx)
CrickbatLooking For An AnswerThis Will Destroy You (usa)
CritikersLos VibradoresThe Wizards
Cryptopsy (can)MaderaCoreThurisaz (bel)
Cult Of Luna (swe)LaikamoríTides From Nebula (pol)
Danava (usa)Magrudergrind (usa)Together Pangea (usa)
Darsombra (usa)Mantar (ger)Tombs (usa)
Dead Infection (pol)Mar De Grises (cl)Torche (usa)
Dead Instrument (dk)Mass Grave (can)Tormented (swe)
Deafheaven (usa)Master Musicians Of Bukkake (usa)Torture Squad (bra)
Decrepit Birth (usa)Masterpiece (usa)Treha Sektori (fra)
Denegro PartizanMetalmaniaTrono De Sangre
Desert IconsMicrofilm (fra)Unsane (usa)
DespeñaperrosMalkeValina (aut)
Desperado (nor)Minor EmpiresVanum (usa)
Despise (cze)MirageVibradores
DestierroMobydickVice Presidentes
Devourment (usa)Modern Life Is War (usa)Victims (swe)
Dick Cheney (swe)MoE (nor)Violator (bra)
Dirty Fences (usa)MohoViral Load (usa)
DiscapacitadosMokshaVisión Tunel
DiswarMonarch! (fra)Voltaje Cadáver
Doom (uk)Mono (jap)Vortice
Downfall Of Gaia (ger)MonocuerdoWarchetype
Draft (fra)Monolord (swe)Warhead (cro)
D.S.B. (jap)Morne (usa)Wet Cactus
Duas Semicolcheias Invertidas (por)Mörser (ger)Whitehorse (aus)
Earth (usa)Mount Eerie (usa)Wicked
Electrozombies (cl)Mount Salem (usa)Wife (uk)
Elfo NegroMumakil (swi)Witch Mountain (usa)
El ParamoMundo MataderoWolves In The Throne Room (usa)
EspiricomOuter Limit LotusWormed
Endstand (fin)Naam (usa)Wormrot (sin)
Entombed (swe)Nadja (can)Xibalba (usa)
Envy (jap)NaizroxaYacöpsae (ger)
ErantzunNacido MuertoYakuzi
ErromaNashgulYawning Man (usa)
EtenNasti De PlastiYear Of No Light (fra)
F.P.V.Necrophobic (swe)Yemen-Ra
Face-B (fra)Negura Bunget (rom)Yob (usa)
FallenDûrgaYo Naufrago
Fernando CarvalhoNemesis OccultaZatokrev (swi)
FreaknationNeobotPlastic Woods
Psychotropic SwampYetiblackZoo

y algunos más… / and some more…